Are Cave Paintings an old form of Blogging?

Throughout history the art of language has always been used in some way or another. In old primitive times drawings or images were used to express times and emotions. It’s amazing to think in the last few thousand years where humans are now. One example being able to write blog pages now in cyberspace.

The excelling for language is definitely a big part of what made humans worldwide unique. Language can be used to describe thought as well as mood and emotions.

All cultures used different techniques of art depending on the environment and culture.

Images seems to to the average beginning of most language starters and as they got more and more detailed, symbols started to be formed to create more meaning….

Then finally the writing as we see today… Let’ s have a look at the comparison of old symbols to the art of blogging communication now.

This is the Cave painting of auroches (Bos primigenius primigenius) in Lascaux, France. It is from the stone age.

As you can see the detail of the bulls or cow in the picture represents that cows were a big part of there life. Most likely they were cave drawing the cow herds they were following or hunting at the time.

Overall when you compare this to blogging the similarity is the same. Bloggers express in there own words there environment or online experiences of today as they did back then. However we do use words now which means we can express more but overall the meaning is the same.

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