Is John Cow John Chow’s Cow? or…Well i was going to do a post on search engine keywords and thought well here’s a good example of two website businesses that have both benefited each other indirectly.

John Chow – Let’s look at John Chow first, his blog about how much money he makes online. When he lost position for his name John Chow in Google the cow at soon came in at number 1…

is john cow john chows cow?

So is that his cow…lol ? Well either way the cow has certainly created a bit of comedy relief for John Chow I’m sure. And in any good movie or successful business campaign comedy relief is always good.

“Feeding the Cow hey John Chow….”

As the Cow mentions John Chow on his blog in many posts this has indirectly created advertising for John Chow.. What a good bonus hey John Chow… And after this Google slap for his name keyword (John Chow), maybe all wasn’t so bad…

“Mooove over Chow…”

john chowJohn Cow – Oh John’s Cow…lol… Anyways from John Cow’s perspective he is benefiting also, he lucked in from the keyword John Chow to begin with in Google.

I’m sure this keyword receives a lot of visits per day from Google looking for John Chow so well done there Cow. To the left there is overture’s (Yahoo) reverse monthly search for this keyword, so to get the Google monthly searches you usually just times the overture keyword amount by 3 or 4.

“Are we still sure John Cow isn’t John Chow’s Cow….hmmmm?”

There you have it, the cow used John’s keyword after the Google slap and what a bonus I’m sure… To think the slap on John Chow’s website for this keyword benefited the Cow.. Alright three moo’s to that hey…

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