Is There A WordPress Theme That Lowers Cpu Usage?

Are you looking for a quicker way to lower cpu usage..? If so, then read on. WordPress is a great software, so many features, so many abilities however as your site gets more and more popular chances are if you are using a shared host you may notice some CPU usage issues. This is the negative side of having such a powerful script that can do hundreds of database calls for each page load.. However recently I worked out a simple trick to lower the load of a site while still keeping all of its functionality. And that simple change is a theme change..

As you may see, I am now using the Thesis theme on this blog which works great and can be edited in any way, is lightweight and lowers a lot of the functionality of a heavy wordpress blog. Simply put, it uses less database calls on each load, this in turn creates a faster page load, better seo as speed is determined in seo and a better experience for many readers.

buyersweb screenshot with thesis

After changing recently to this theme, I logged in many times to check cpu usage and it lowered by about 30 % with such a simple change. So if you need a lower cpu usage or your host is hassling you about your blog using resources, you may consider checking out Thesis.

Other than changing wordpress themes another good action to do is use wp super cache and lower the amount of any plugins that you can tell would call a lot of database queries. Try to limit it to at least under 25, I know it is hard to do as we all love plugins, however this can really drop cpu usage.


  1. Hey Timon,
    Thesis wordpress theme really is a nice fast loading theme, it is however going to take me time to get used to but in time I am sure it will be a winner. I like the set up of your blog by the way and visit again soon.

  2. Yeah I agree, I have been using thesis for a while now and i have noticed many positive sides, the number one being speed of site load which is only positive for readers..

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