Judging a website by its cover

While some websites may claim that creating an online income is easy, the truth is it is like anything…it’s not a get rich sceme or an instant money maker. Time and effort is involved. I just wanted to write a few points that may help you in building a better online business.

1 ) Good SEO

2 ) Good Presentation

3 ) Traffic the hard one…

Well these are three basic good points to follow in any avenue you create online… Just remember people judge a book by its cover as is the same with websites.. It has taken me a long time to realise certain colours are for certain types of sites and what you do there…yes its not easy but it is best to change templates around and colours till you notice people staying on your site for longer..

A good example of what i am saying is like seeing a model, they are beautiful and you have a tendency to look more than once. But if the person looks average then one look is enough…sad but true lol…same with websites…

Good line -Keep it clean… keep it easy to read…keep people on your site… 

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