Keeping in touch with your Creative Side when Blogging

It’ s easy for us every now and then to lose focus when we when are writing on our website or blogs.

There are many things that can cause this, it could be family pressures, stress, Lifestyle or anything that can block you mentally.

Many people have different techniques for keeping in touch with there creative side inside.

Some good techniques to keep in touch with your creative side are :

  • Drawing
  • Listening to Music
  • Long forest walk or walk in the park
  • Beach
  • Meditating
  • Looking at the stars
  • A good long sleep
  • Reading

Overall the techniques listed above work differently for different people. What i find works best is what inspires you the most in life. Don’t get upset at yourself if you find you are not feeling the creative side when writing one day, sometimes it just means have a break from writing for a few hours.

I always find that writing about what is happening to me now in my life can bring back the motivation and creative side inside me. I mean in reality we are all human, show your readers that you are as well. In the end when blogging or writing anything it’s important to remember where your inspiration started as well. Put these inspirations around your writing or blogging desk. An inspiration might be you son or girlfriend or both so have a pic up there of them. It could be anything that makes you feel inspired.

In conclusion keeping in touch with your creative side is all about keeping in touch with yourself. If there are things in your life effecting this inspiration then by fixing those blocks we can get the rhythm back. After that, it’s all about surrounding ourselves with what inspired us in the first place.

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