Keywords in the Comment Name Field in Blogs

I have been asked this question a number of times now “Is it a good idea to put Keywords in the comment name field in blogs”…? In answer to that question i agree in some ways it is fine and in other ways no. It’s all about how you do it… Let’s look at the options below and the reasons why.

keywords in the comment name field

Some Examples of good comment names –

  • Timon Weller
  • Timon Weller from Buyers Web
  • Timon Weller from Make Money Online Ramblings

As you can see by always including the name it still keeps you as your character with the added bonus of also defining where you are from. This in turn can strengthen who you are on your blog and your opinion on the subject.

keywords in the comment name field

Some examples of Bad Comment Names include –

  • Make Money
  • Easy Money
  • Get Rich Quick
  • Skin Care

“People in general will always remember your name easier compared to a keyword…Because it is unique”

Overall with blogging your name is the most important aspect to include in the comment name field, as in the end we really are as bloggers selling ourselves. Also when you think about it by using your name on many blogs, readers will start to recognise your name comment elsewhere and so it will add value to your blog.


  1. Eric from Hotel-Ring says

    This is a question that i have wondered about that no one has ever covered before
    The name and its format when leaving blog postings
    thanks again

  2. Hi Timon,
    I blogged about this recently –
    There’s a great plugin called KeywordLuv which lets you add keywords after your name.

  3. Michael Maynard says

    I don’t understand.

    Surely if you add your name to the keyword, surely would it not be detrimental to the anchor text back link?

    I can totally understand that if you only use the keyword as “your name”, it does come across as spammy.

    However, that being said if one were to use the following anchor text in the “name” field:

    “Joe Bloggs from How to lose 5 pounds in 2 days”

    Would it not be detrimental to the keyword your anchoring/backlinking, in this case, “How to lose 5 pounds in 2 days”?

    • Hey Michael,
      Thanks for the comment.. With that one it is a bit too long and most bloggers will not approve it or they may modify it.. What i was trying to say in this post is from a blog writers perspective they want names in comments like a discussion not keywords. So if you want to risk adding keywords, without adding your name it may not be excepted or even worse it may be filtered out by askimet or a spam plugin.

      Also, most comments are nofollow so keywords are of less value, however the traffic from commenting is still good.

  4. Michael Maynard tvs online gratis says

    Thanks for the response Timon.

    Just one last thing.

    Is there any value then in leaving backlinks on blogs if most of them are nofollow?

    • Hey Michael,
      I would not focus so much on what is nofollow or dofollow as long as the place is related to your niche. The reason being is it will draw related visitors to your blog that will possibly link to you as most other bloggers are commenting. Also it draws people to visit your website possibly and possibly subscribe if you run a subscription and also increases your traffic which is valued in seo as well.. Overall comments and commenting are a good part of creating a good traffic blog.. On another note there are many theory’s to believe nofollow is still counted in some way, just not as much as dofollow..

  5. Michael Maynard says

    Thanks Timon, much appreciated.


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