Kontera Offering $25 dollar Bonus for New Signups

Kontera Offering $25 dollar Bonus for New SignupsAll new publisher sign ups to Kontera for my readers, up to the 15th of January will receive a nice $25 dollar bonus when you reach first payout level. It is basically is a nice way of saying welcome to the new year.. If you are unsure of what Kontera is, it is a contextual in text advertising company and how you make money is on a pay per click basis (similar to AdSense). As an example you can see some of there ads on this blog represented by the double blue line hyperlinks on keywords in the content…

One of my favorite elements of Kontera Is I like how they do not take up advertising space and do not interfere much with your website.

To receive this Kontera bonus click here. As the offer is only available to my readers make sure to sign up through this link above, so Kontera will know it is from me.


  1. Daniel Evans says

    I have used Kontera on one of my blogs and i earn good from this ad program.’,~

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