Kontera vs Bidvertiser

Both these two money makers can work great side by side…Bidvertiser which is similar to google adsense provide link boxes that you earn on a per click basis…. BidVertiser seems to be a good player now as they pay you, after just 10 Dollars worth of earnings and through paypal too…None of the long wait as like with adsense for payment and none of the fear of being banned from the system by a competitor clicking your ads continuously and being banned from the google adsense program…


Kontera on the other hand is a new player i think they are brilliant…i have already found they look good and dont interfere like link ads…they seem to generate more income from more clicks than google or bidvertiser by my opinion…

On the whole they get clicked on more as they dont intrude on your sites presentation…i believe on a whole they need to speed up there load speed…but on a whole they are a really good source as well as bidvertiser to use on your site..

Remember not to over kill your site with ads…make them look part of your site and dont make them interfere with visitors…they hate that….


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