Last Months Bidvertiser Payment Proof

Hey everyone again, i wanted to do a quick post to show my last months earnings from the Bidvertiser Publisher program from my blog here. I kept getting asked the question show me a monthly statement as proof they pay Affiliates. Everyone wants proof these days (hehehe..)…

Here is a Screenshot below of Bidvertiser Last Months Earnings

last months bidvertiser payment proof

 As you can see I blotted out the transaction ID for privacy of the transaction. Last months publisher earnings was $19.86 USD as seen above. Hopefully this month i can do a bit better, I guess soon i will see ( a few more days).

Bidvertiser is one Recommended way to Make Money Online…

I recommend all people join the Bidvertiser Publisher program to use on your blog or content website, not only do there ads open in a new window ( not lose customers or visitors) you can also set the minimum bid of PPC advertisers to receive more earnings per click. And as you can see above they have a low payout threshold of anything over $10 dollars in earnings and can be paid to Paypal. If you look below this post you can see an example of one of there ad boxes.

bidvertiser payment proof

To sign up for the Bidvertiser Publisher program or to find out more about it click here.


  1. nice web friend…
    i’m using bidvertiser ads too, my balanced $25 from 24th december 2008, but i dont receive payment bro

  2. Hi Yudi,
    With the payment you will recieve it 1 to 2 months later. Make sure you have Paypal as the payment option to recieve that payout level as well.. 🙂

  3. hi Timon..
    I have paypal, but now still unverified…can paypal unverified receive payment from bidvertiser? Hmmm…today i have message from bidvertiser

    Your ticket concerning ‘my balance is $25 in end of decembe …’ has been responded:

    Dear Lesthia Anggeta,

    Payments are issued automatically on a Net 30 basis from the date the balance reaches $10.

    Best Regards,
    BidVertiser Support Team

    Please do not respond directly to this e-mail because we are unable to receive e-mail responses to this address. If you wish to respond to this message, please login to your BidVertiser account and click on the Support link.

    Ticket ID: xxxx…what does it means ticket??

    sorry…my english too bad 🙂
    thanks before for ur help friend

  4. Hi Yudhi,
    What they are saying is payment is issued 30 days after achieving $10.. As for Paypal I would recommend verifying asap as a lot of aspects are limited or not available when it is unverified. How much you can recieve with an unverified account is low, but $25 dollars will be fine..
    The ticket Id is just the support response number for contacting Bidvertiser. 🙂

  5. congratulation. I also will try to earn from bidvertiser soon.

  6. B Biswanath says

    Pls. tell me, can I use Bidvertiser & Adsense in same page/site.
    Thanx in advance.

    • Timon Weller says

      Hey Biswanath,
      I am pretty sure it is okay, you should confirm wih adsense though just to be sure. Just make sure the ad formats are different so one can distinguish which is which is what they ask for.. Like i said though just confirm first, as there terms can change.. I have not used adsense in a long time so better to be safe than sorry..

  7. B Biswanath says

    Dear Timon,
    Thanx for your valuable commnets. I have already checked out by visiting this url:
    You can also check it.
    Timon, do you have any idea about Adbrite? if so, pls. share it.
    Kinds & Regards.

  8. Can you tell me.. how many month and traffic UV for reach it.. Bidvertiser is small price if not false as 1 per click. Its true?

    • Timon Weller says

      hey Mas,
      First off make sure to edit the minimum bid in your account of advertisers that way you earn more.. second make sure the bidvertiser advertiser category is targeted to your niche as much as possible. And thirdly you should be getting a click one in 200 visitors at least with good targeting.. So 1000 visitors a day should be at least four clicks.. much the same as AdSense except Bidvertiser pays better because you can set the minimum bid per click.. As an example i do not except less than 50 cents as the minimum bid per click with advertisers..

      To set the minimum bid click here for info..

      I hope this all helps… 🙂

  9. madhurox says

    My paypal account not verified yet. But in my bidvertiser account I got $12.57. So can i receive money through paypal? I’m confused because of this verification problem..
    Thank you.

    • Timon Weller says

      Yes Madhurox, you can still recieve but there are some limitations on how much.. This amount is fine though.. I would recommend verifying though asap..

  10. Andrew Odendaal says

    I have just moved from Adbrite to Bidvertiser, hopefully all goes smoothly!

  11. i try it before. Just manage to earn 1 times. Still try to earn my 2nd payment from bidvertiser.

  12. Congrats for the payment from Bidvertiser..Now i’m going to integrate my blog with Bidvertiser 🙂

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