Lazy Forex Trader Makes Massive Profits Every Year – 6 Figure Income

Imagine this right, trading Forex without even having to lift a finger. Sound interesting and no this is not some whacky EA promising some pipe dream scam, I mean real money copying traders that make money from trading for a living.

Well, you now can, even if you are extremely lazy, in the video above I show how an investor can invest in some of the most professional successful forex traders in the world and have it so they actually copy there live trades. The secret is a program named Zulutrade… And no this is not some get rich quick scheme. Trading is a process like any other however it is extremely lucrative if you know what you are doing. That is where there copy feature comes in, instead of spending hours upon hours scouring the charts looking for the best opportunities, one can have other professionals with track records mind you doing it for you placing trades in your own live account. Basically put, when they make money, you make money.

lazy trader

However it is not just all reward and easy money, investing can be risky so choosing the right traders to copy with track records is always going to limit your risk. I mean there is no way to say that even if your trader that you copy is successful last few years that when you finally copy them that they have a negative month. That is just part of trading. However I have a solution, I provide a solution to this and it involves diversifying your account among 4 to 5 traders with great results. Now while all of them may perform great, even if one has a tough month it does not expose your account in the process and limits risk.

In the video above I show and reveal how one can copy some of the best traders on Zulutrade and do just that, make money, in fact over $100,000 a year with extremely limited risk by diversifying your account at the same time. And i mean it is extremely lucrative starting at only investing $10,000 dollars.

Above – Example of one of the top traders in Zulutrade pulling in over 10,000 pips over the last 9 months. Some of his copiers making more than $40,000 over that period. Extremely profitable.

Sounds good or looking for more information.. Well good.. For either more information or to sign up for for either a free Zulutrade demo account or a Live account click here.


  1. What criteria did you use to pick the traders to follow on ZuluTrade?

    • Hey Doug,
      Good question and I will be doing a video on this aspect very soon as well. What I look at is low draw down under 15% to 20%, a trader that does not mind cutting losses when wrong and a long term history of account build up and steady growth. On Zulutrade there is literally 100’s of some of the best traders out there that all fit into that category and all do trading for a living as well.


  2. Hello Timon,
    You promised to do a video on criteria for choosing Zulu traders. Have you?
    Is this method still relevant in 2017?

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