Lazy Marketing Secrets Revealed – Three Tips to Becoming One

Want to be a lazy marketer..? After recently doing a write up on what is lazy Marketing, I decided to do some more research on this type of article marketing.. I compiled all the learning’s from top article marketers doing this form of marketing into three main tips in order to make it more clear what it is and how to do it..

First of all it is not as easy as it sounds, but you can easily see the benefits in the tips below.. (I could not really imagine lazy people doing it, but anyway…) If you have done any form of Marketing before or are currently doing it, feel free to have your say below by commenting..

Lazy Marketing Secrets Revealed – Three Tips

 – Tip 1 – Articles – Write up at least 200 articles or have 200 articles professionally written and tailored to a range of high quality affiliate programs.. 200 is an important start and most lazy article marketers claim it as a good beginning to create affiliate earnings and commissions..

– Tip 2 – Redirect – Use a website or blog redirect like the gocodes wordpress plugin to redirect all affiliate links. Most Article websites will not except straight affiliate links and is against most terms of service however most except proper redirects like tinyurl etc.. Also helps prevent people modifying the url, so increases commissions..

 – Tip 3 – Add Blog or Website Url – In amongst the footer notes on the bottom of your articles do not forget to link back to your base website.. Most article websites allow up to three links per article so having one as a link back is a good blog or website builder..  This will in turn creates more traffic back to your website as well as gives your writing more credit when people recognize your name or blog name…

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