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There are many plugins out there for wordpress, but what about one that can pay for your lunch next time… huh…where…how…? Well you can do this simply by adding the “liked my post, buy me a coffee” plugin. This will add a cute button down the bottom of your posts allowing readers that are inspired to spend a few dollars for helping them out on a post and keep you writing.

How do they buy you a beer or lunch with this wordpress plugin?

They pay through Paypal so in order to use the plugin you need to except Paypal. To sign up for a free Paypal account click here.

You can easily change it to buy me a beer or whatever you want that relates to your post. Eg if your blog is about cooking, buy me some cooking ingredients or if it is about cars maybe something like buy me some mileage or petrol… help me fill up…

It has been shown with online study that being unique and related to your blog helps a lot and also increase donations by using this plugin. Below are few example screenshots of the plugin used on different peoples blogs. To download and install this wordpress plugin on your blog click here. If you don’t use wordpress but use blogger you can also install it by visiting here. Remember to sign up for Paypal first however….

Screenshots below of the “Buy Me a Beer or Coffee or ….” Plugin.

buy me a beer or lunch plugin

buy me a beer lunch coffee plugin wordpess

If you need help editing the plugin to suit your website theme, let me know…


  1. Nicole a.k.a Finance Diva says

    Great post..Unfortunately, it looks like the plugin no longer exists. The website is only a placeholder site.


  1. Alcohol Posts -Let your Blog Pay for your Lunch says:

    Nice post on buy me a beer plugin, i like it…

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