Link Love and Google’s View – Confusing..?

Do you feel the Link Love lately..? Basically link love is where another person online who owns a website decides to link to you or reference you in a webpage.. It generally is a standard way of expressing linkage to related inspired content on other peoples blogs or websites.. Whether it is followed or nofollowed (rel=”nofollow”) the link is a sign of affection so therefore the name link love…

Google and Link Love..

Unfortunately now many are starting to think this form of deserved Link Love without nofollow is against Google terms and that many search engines are looking down on it.. This is misleading as Google references in there guidelines on linking that this is fine (indirectly) to do if the website deserves credit to the related content and if it is going to be beneficial for your page’s visitors.. The problem is many website owners current view is how is Google going to know if it is a legit referenced link deserving credit or are they going to assume it is a paid link and derank your website in the results..? Because of this fear many are now just choosing to use nofollow by default.. Fear is a big business changer and so how can this be solved..?

One solution is I think the guidelines need to be more specific.. Don’t you..? I can see how many can get confused by this nofollow issue.. I know this as I have been confused by this change myself..

I am not going to pretend like I know the ins and outs of Google works, however it appears that this change is effecting many.. If you look around the net many deserving referenced websites are now losing that passing PageRank juice that made them in the first place.. “Even Wikipedia is using nofollow now in link references, so what’s that say about showing credit where credit is due..”

This leaves me with two thoughts — “Who will change there links next to nofollow..? Who has already changed there links that used to pass pagerank to you..?”

Future of Internet Search Results, if this Linking fear takes over…

Now that I have discussed what Link Love is and a bit about Google’s probable view, what I am now wondering is what is going to happen to the Internet if all top sites change there links to nofollow, what will happen to real PR or website popularity in Google…? Has Google gone to far..? Does it not imply that these fears of not using nofollow could derank legit popular websites (non spammy) and therefore take away most of the popularity all together..?

Also will it make websites from the times when nofollow did not exist an advantage over new websites as some may change to nofollow on present and future created pages but will leave the old followed pages.. In the end this is a very puzzling rambling thought of mine and many others I am sure.. I guess we will soon find out..

What gets me thinking alot is why would Google keep changing there engine specifics like these examples of using nofollow when the engine search results are working great at the moment and this fear could potentially harm results on many engines.. It is like the old saying why change something that works great already..?

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