Link To Me – Website Owners Theme Song

As most website owners know, the benefits of others linking to you from other websites can create massive amounts of traffic. Not only that, but it also it creates a better search engine position because of back links. This song Link to Me, written by me expresses the emotion when getting back links form other web owners and the joy of the online traffic it brings. I hope you enjoy and feel free to Digg, Stumble or Blog about with a  link to this post.

Link to Me – Web Site and Blog Owners Theme Song..

Link to me,
And I believe all my problems will go a way,
Bring me traffic for another day,
I believe a link is the way..

If I see your link helping me okay,
Chances are I will link back either way,
Because I believe linking is the way.

It creates traffic and it makes my day.
If only I could say thank you,
But in a way, I feel I really do..

Link to me,
And all my problems seem so far away,
Because you started linking to me today,
And I believe linking is the way..

Oh yeah, I believe, let’s link today..

Song Written By Timon Weller, in Inspiration of the Efforts of many Webmasters...


  1. can we hear the tune? The song seemed so nice!

  2. Timon Weller says

    I made a youtube video which I will probably add later, but I am not a singer lol. The video just shows how it can be sung.

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