What is the Main Keyword Trend of Trends in Google Trends?

Over the last few weeks I have been consistently checking out and evaluating the flow of the top 100 on Google Trends. It is interesting that different days of the week can have so much different results, yet I believe I have found a common overall trend.. It took me a while before I could confirm the trend as I had assumed it would change over a few weeks but instead consistently, one trend remained..?

That trend is movies or tv shows. I always assumed these would be good in general yet never thought they would be at the top consistently, yet results speak for themselves. It appears the tv and movie entertainment industry is the major trend even online as on tv. The top result today is the Patriot, which is a Mel Gibson and Heath Ledger Movie that may have been playing on tv recently. Another example is Shes All That and this list goes on..

What does this tell us you may ask, basically it is saying that all those in the movie or tv niche are in a great niche. In fact by google trends it appears to be the top keyword niche at the moment. What do you think..?


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