Make 10 Dollars a Day Online

It is easy sometimes when working online to lose track of perspective and sidetrack yourself from your main purpose. You may set up an amazing website, put some good content in it then hope and dream for the best… Hoping that the website will simply take care of itself… Good content and template are part of setting up a good website, but it is not the whole aspect, an easier way to achieve what you want is to goal set…

Like i said earlier whether your website is set up or not goal setting is a needed element, a common simple goal when starting a new website to me is to “Make 10 Dollars a Day” from that website… If your focused website is not earning this amount now and you want to then goal setting is recommended. Simply make a realistic goal of value, then jot down ideas to increase to that flow of earning. Fundamentally more traffic increases earnings however there is more that is needed other than raw traffic..

Realistic Goals

“Make 1 Dollar a Day Online”
“Make 5 Dollars a Day Online ..”
“Make 10 Dollars a Day Online…”
“Make 20 Dollars a Day Online..” And so on…

Could be a free added service to offer visitors to encourage more conversions to sales. Or it could simply be adding more targeted affiliate programs to your blog… What ever it is, even if one of your websites is earning more than 1000 a day, goals can increase it to more and more…


  1. David Harris says

    Goal setting is very important specially if you want to plan long term.:,”

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