Make Money Online Buying and Resurrecting a Website

One way of making money online is by buying certain types of websites and resurrecting them. In a way this technique is a bit like buying a house and resurrecting it to make a income, it has the same principle and investment style.

Resurrecting is an Investment..

Okay so to begin the websites you want to look for in this type of investment are ones which receive lots of traffic, are not SEO optimised and lastly are minimally monetized. Basically said websites where the previous owner (the seller) has not focused much on trying to make an income from it other than say google AdSense. These types of investment opportunities are everywhere. In fact if say you wanted to spend a few days fixing the website then waiting a couple a months on earnings you could even sell it for more showing higher earnings.. A bit like site Flipping in a way.

Be Careful of Scams when Buying a Website

The trick with this investment type is making sure it is a legit sale, not a dodgy scam, I will be blunt. Yes, there are website sellers which lie about there stats etc. When looking at these ask as many questions as possible and even look at Alexa rank as well of the site. Do not feel obligated it is a good deal until you confirm the traffic stats in a number of ways. Maybe even ask them to use statcounter for a few days to prove the real stats. Also another one is look at there selling reputation from the website selling source.

Once you have purchased a site that has all the options you want –

  • High Traffic
  • Low Monetization (Make Money from website)
  • Low SEO usage eg No headings and low targeted content on important pages.

Now you are ready to resurrect it. Fix up the SEO as best as you can, maybe do some SEO research to improve as well. Secondly look at monetization (make money online) options, here is couple of options to ponder –

  • Related Affiliate Program Banners
  • Add AdSense, Bidvertiser or YPN if not already there
  • Use Kontera or Infolinks (both of which convert well)
  • Add some good related content pages to help target the audience in that website niche better. This is for those websites that are not fully designed well but receive good traffic levels. I am amazed at how many sites forget contact us, some question content pages related to your main keyword etc..

In the end it is all about adding more monthly value to a site that had little. Like any online investment some will be better than others and some may be great, but involve a lot of time. A perfect example of this is a very active forum.. They get lots of traffic but keep you very busy.

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