Make Money Online by Helping Others Make Money

Making money online can be broken up into two distinct categories, making direct sales or sales generated by people that you referred. In a lot of affiliate programs out there these days you can earn a commission off the earnings created by the people you have referred to the program.

This is where helping people you refer make money comes into play. By forming a team of workers below you in any two Tier Affiliate company not only are you helping them but you are helping your self. Win win for all, by them making money you are making money too.

Unsure of What is a Two Tier Affiliate program?

A Two Tier Affiliate program is an Affiliate program where you earn a percentage of the commission generated by the people you refer to the program. It’s like a nice reward for referring them to the program and is also a good example of generating a residual income as i mentioned in previous posts.

A team of say ten motivated people should be sufficient to give any Two Tier Affiliate earnings a boost. Let’s look at some examples below:

make money online by helping others make money

1 You

10 people you referred

Let’s just say each of the referred people generated approximately 200 dollars in sales a month, and you got 10 % of there sales commission. So that would be 200 x 10 = (2000 dollars) x 10% equals 200 dollars in commission from the people you have referred. And say you generated 200 dollars in commission as well then that’s a total of 400 dollars in profit a month. Not a bad monthly income from one Affiliate program.

However by helping them earn more like 400 each a month you will not only create excitement for them they will be also helping your income out as well…Then your income will turn into more like 800 a month or more. Making money online as well as most businesses out there, is all about helping people. Some of the richest people in the world started out with nothing but built a massive business just by this concept.

Some examples of Two Tier Affiliate Programs :

So How do i help them Make Money you might ask?

When someone signs up for the program through a link on your website, why not email them a welcome email to say welcome to the program and ask if there is anything they would like to know about the program? If they do ask some questions, which is a good sign, give a informed answer, while also letting them know details on implementation techniques to there website and marketing techniques. Overall let them know you are there to help them get started.

People that sign up to Affiliate programs in general are quite new to this so by you saying your going to help them get started into making money with the program you will create excitement for them. “Welcome them to the team”.

In the end don’t forget who has the money no matter what the affiliate program. The answer is the customers! Always focus on what your business partners or what your customers want and you will see a great improvement in any business. Help them, help you.

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