Make Money Online – Can Everyone Make Money..?

make money online - can everyone make money onlineThis is a common question so many ask, can they make money online as well..? Can everyone make money online or is there some special secret everyone who does it, is hiding from others..?

Many when starting out online can get into the thinking maybe this is not for me, maybe I am not doing it right or maybe there is no way to make money online..? Which ever line of thinking you are thinking of we have all been there, even the top earners online have been there at least once during there beginning transition to success.. So what makes them different, you may ask..?

“People cannot make money online with investment of time and dedication, If you have neither of these then the chances or making money is quite low.. If you really want it anyone can make money!”

Making Money Online Facts..

The truth is it is not easy making money online in any field, It takes time and determination.. Does that mean that it is impossible or does that mean that it is not the best investment of time.. ? No, it is actually the opposite! Everyone making money online through determination knows this once they break that gap, they know it is probably there best investment in there life. In fact to me I cannot think of any other way out there to generate a higher income than online, the earning potential is absolutely unlimited.. And yes when I am referring to how much you can earn I am referring to beating even the real estate industry, car industry or even any corporation.. The fact is the Internet is the biggest market place in the world..

Everyone Can Make Money Online!

So back to my point, can everyone make money..? And the answer simply is YES!!! Below I have added some key components needed to get there on the road.. Some of which many of you may not like, yet are crucial to go through to get there in the end.. Sorry the get rich model does not work here, this is the get rich not so quick model online but with a difference this one is guaranteed to work..

Factors needed to Make Money Online?

Make Money Online – Time – Lots of time is needed to be invested, In fact into any new website of mine I do not expect to create any decent side income from it at all until at least 3  to 6 months of daily time investment… Investment Vs Time is an important factor to consider when starting, for quite a while you will be earning nothing from your website so dedication is important here when ready to start..

Make Money Online – Dedication – Without this one, you can not cut it, simply put see your website like your baby, put the dedication in where needed.. It may take 6 months it may take longer, be dedicated..

Make Money Online – Do things Right – What I mean by doing things right, is research your niche market before beginning a website in that field, look at how much you want from this website in the end.. Look at how much time is needed to be invested and lastly do not focus on any shortcuts. Just create good unique quality content that readers will love and keep doing it.. Simply put if it is a blog, post at least one to two good blog posts a day that you believe your readers may be interested in, in your niche and keep doing that same process daily until you feel more happy with your traffic levels..

Make Money Online – Keep doing It! – Lastly keep doing the systems I describe on other posts such as to Create Traffic or Visitors for your Web Site as well as my Monetizing methods for creating multiple streams of income until finally you make it. Yes it could take you a year, It could take you 6 months or it might even take longer depending on how much effort you invest, but in the end you will make it..


  1. Hi,
    I agree with you that you can make money online but it does take time, education and perseverance. The problem is that there is so much garbage out there promising people easy money overnight that most people get taken. My advice is to educate yourself as much as possible and then apply what you learn.

  2. Hey Luca,
    Making Money Online is more so not governed by schooling or how much education one has, it never has been, passion, dedication and the ability to learn as you grow your website is the key.. People can always learn along the way while building your niche website or blog.

    I agree with you about the garbage promising easy money. The people that go for these get rich scheme or get rich scams as I mention above and in many posts are hoping for a quick fix.. The internet does not work that way.. 🙂

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