Make Money Online with Clickbank Tab Ads

I have recently decided to try Clickbank out. As you can see below my posts the Clickbank tab ad unit. In this post I wanted to go through my reasons for trying them out and what makes me believe the ads will convert better than the Pepperjam ad unit I had previously.


First of all what made me decide to try Clickbank for a Ad Unit –

  • Better looking
  • Ads open in new window
  • More Targetted Ads
  • Most offers in ad unit Higher earning than Pepperjam Ads
  • Better suited to this niche

Why do I think it is better Suited to this Niche?

With the last one I will go into detail why I believe they are better suited. What I have found with the Pepperjam system is the ads that are the best converters are the image banner ads in posts. In fact the contextual unit hardly even gets clicked ever. My theory is it looks too much like a AdSense unit and also the ads are not contextual enough in this unit. If however this Pepperjam ad unit improves then maybe so will its conversion with clicks. Until then I am not going to wait until it does. After all like I have said many times on previous posts, if it makes no money on your site, improve, change and adapt until it does..

So Why Clickbank, Instead of others..?

The main reason I chose Clickbank over trying others for its ad unit is because it relates better to my niche. Digital products, make money online tips, blogging tips aids, traffic tips products and viral aids are some of their common products. Also I am really tired of seeing crappy looking ad units and this one stood out. Not to mention I like how it does not say it is from Clickbank on the add unit.

As like any ad unit I will have to wait and see how it goes, however so far I am confident it will do better. I will let you all know how it goes..


  1. Isaac Harrison says

    I use Clickbank together with Infolinks on my Blog. You can earn a lot in Clickbank if you just concentrae more on US traffic `

  2. Update – Clickbank is no longer doing these forms of ads.


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