Make Money Online During Pregnancy!

Pregnancy is a full on time for any new to be mother and one of the factors of a pregnancy that can make it even harder is the impending financial factor.. I mean so many mothers may have to leave there job behind during this time so what can they do while they are at home while they are pregnant.. One of the many things they can do is make money online and a what a great way that is to set up some extra finance for the baby and your family..

Here are some of the benefits of Starting an Online Business During Pregnancy –

  • 9 months to get your blog or website up and running (WordPress blog recommended)
  • A secondary income once monetized
  • A good story to tell your kid once they can understand — “I started my online business when you were in my tummy..” 
  • Community of like minded people to interact with socially by commenting while at home..
  • Can keep you occupied while at home and who knows it may end up being your major passion..

Those are just some of the benefits for starting an online business during pregnancy, there are many others that are more easy to explain once you experience it yourself.. The other major benefits to go further into the passion aspect and keeping the brain active while pregnant.. If you can think of any other benefits for pregnant women and making money online comment about it below..


  1. pregnancy relaxation music says

    Great idea. Pregnancy is often the time when you are at your most creative and inspired.

  2. I agree definetely, and is also a great thing to keep a mother occupied while preparing and after birth.. 🙂

  3. i Make money online using the very popular Google Adsense program. i also tried Amazon affiliate program but i dont earn that much from amazon.

  4. Timon Weller says

    Hey Janna,
    Adsense was okay for me until my account got banned, before payout.
    As for amazon, unless you are providing a product site, they are one of the lowest earning affiliate programs with low conversion.

  5. Making Money Online is easy if you have a website that have lots of traffic . You can just sign-up with Adsense, Adbrite or Clickbank and start earning cash.

  6. i also want to make money online that is why i immediately joined the google adsense program and also read a lot about making money on websites and blogs. i am also trying to learn affiliate marketing.

    • Timon Weller says

      Hey Geraldine,
      There are plenty of good ways to make money online other than just Adsense. Check out some more of my posts for many other options..

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