Make Money Online Niche is Harder than other Niches!

make money online niche is harder than other nichesYour an Affiliate Marketer or Internet Marketer, right..?  Have you ever wondered how to use rare niches to make money or have you always assumed making money with affiliate marketing, etc was only for those in the make money online niche.. Let me get one thing straight first, the make money online niche makes less than most niches..

I mean if you know Internet marketing, the difference between the make money online niche or shoes niche, which do you think would make more money promoting affiliate products..?

Shoes are higher demand than the Make Money Online Niche..

If you are an Internet marketer you should already know the answer.. Shoes would.. Because shoes are a more high demand keyword..

Does that mean I should not blog about making money online? No, it’s just that I know that this is a low demand competitive keyword niche compared to shoes..

So where do some Top Bloggers get Traffic from with this Niche..? Case Study..

Let’s take a look at some top Bloggers that focused on the make money online niche and then let’s speculate where there traffic comes from with the search engines.. First lets look at John Chow, he apparently gets over 100,000 unique visitors a day but do you think it comes from keywords related to Make Money Online related keywords..  Most of his traffic from the search engines would come from other keywords, in fact I bet most (50%) come from his restaurant reviews more than any of his make money online niche keywords.. Lets look at another, Darren Rowse from Problogger he does lots of make money online niche keyword posts, but where do you think most of his search engine traffic would come from..? It would most likely mainly come from his blogging and blog writing tips keyword posts .. There are other factors to this as well, like back links and subscriptions but I think you get the point on what I am saying..

If these two Bloggers want to say different to my speculation feel free, Darren or John to comment below..

What is the Solution with Niche Marketing..?

So what is the solution for those that want more traffic from the search engines? The best method is like what these two successful Bloggers do, don’t put all your keyword niches in the one basket so to speak.. If you have another passion write about this niche as well occasionally while making sure to keep to your main theme as well.. Eg Take a look at my blog, my niche is mainly affiliate marketing tips and making money online, although occasionally I write about relationships, blogging tips and other keyword niches that draw traffic from other areas. These other niche posts are a rare occurrence yet the boost in traffic can be a great aid to draw to your main theme as well..

In the end it is up to you how you run your blog, but to think the make money online niche is easy, guess again..


  1. Make money online is not harder than other niches. It is the easiest actually. You just got to know hoe to enter into this niche.

  2. Hey JK
    I am not saying there is no success in this keyword niche.. What I mean by harder is by how much search engine traffic a keyword gets, make money online keywords do not get much search engine traffic where as as an example shoes get heaps.. 🙂

  3. I don’t think it’s harder than other niches. I guess it’s just the same as other niches, but I don’t mean that it’s easy too, just depend on how seriously you’re with it.

  4. It’s a good niche, provided you start a blog about it & have backlinks to your website. If your blog is popular, people will trust you easily & will click on your backlink to your site. & will be more willing to buy through you

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