Make Money Online Ramblings Tip of the Day

Good News for Buyers Web! I have just hit over 600 unique content pages on Buyers Web and overall email subscriber and Twitter followers had improved by nearly 100% compared to a month ago. My Twitter followers is now 6000. Overall I am very happy with the results so far and wanted to thank all my readers so far.

Make Money Online Ramblings – Tip of the Day..

So anyways I thought I would share a tip of the day to help you make more money from your Blog or Website. This tip I call adapting to your website or blog. I know I have mentioned this a couple of times before, but thought I should mention it again as it is very important. How this tip works is by analysing your affiliate products your promote and evaluating which ones are converting.

This is an important part of affiliate marketing, if a affiliate product does not sell well from your site, try another. Try not to waste too much time trying to sell something that simply is not converting at all.. This is why I call it, adapting to your website environment.

So how can you tell if a Affiliate Product is not Converting Properly?

This is important also, if you are not receiving many clicks off your site to the affiliate program then you need to assess why..? Is it related enough to your content? Is the product expensive? Would you buy it? Can customers see this Ad? All important questions to ask..

The 100 to 200 Clicks Guide..

If it is receiving clicks then this is the guide, wait until it has received over 100 to 200 clicks (200 max) and if no sale then, say bye bye to that affiliate promotion, time to try another and adapt.. Basically 200 clicks and no sale is the max to try for.. If say you get a sale just after 200 clicks, then you be the judge okay..

This tip took me so long time to work out when I first started affiliate marketing, I definitely recommend it and it works well for me.. Enjoy!

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