Make Money Online Selling Art and Posters

I wanted to do another follow up on the Allposters Affiliate program and how it can benefit you. Not only with there program can you make money from selling art and posters directly from your website, but you can also make money from referring people to the program as well.

Main Benefits of the Allposters Program –

  • Up to 30% in direct poster or art sales from your website.
  • up to 5 % commission of every sale of anyone you introduce to the program
  • Being able to choose a Poster or Art ad category related to your website
  • When you have 10 or more active productive recruited websites, you will have a good extra residual income.
  • Many services, marketing aids available and stats to browse to increase sales

An example of earning potential with the Allposters Program –

If say you received a sale every 1000 visitors (CPM) of around 20 Dollars commission(depending on how relevant your site is to the Allposters ads would determine CPM). And your website received say 1000 visitors a day. That would be 30 x 20 = $600 Dollars in sales a month.

Now say you recruited one website a month to the program then that earning potential would increase dramatically after about a year.

That would be 12 websites recruited a year and say they received $600 in sales as well each. That would be a commission of 5% which is 30 Dollars per website per month. Now multiply the 30 by 12 and you have an extra $360 a month in commission. That would give you a grand total of $960 dollars a month in the first year. (Not Bad hey!)

You are also able to see some Success Story Testimonies on there website of what other people have experienced through the program. To find out more on the program or to Join Up Click Here.


  1. Hi Timon, i’d never looked at this affiliate method before, thank you for spotting another way of making money online.

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