Make Money Online to Earn Money Online

earn money online bloggingI have recently changed my title (on homepage – to see if there is a better response from my targeted online audience. My last title was “Make Money Online Ramblings by an Online Money Maker – Buyers Web“. I liked this title a lot however a change will be good test.

The new title i am trying is “Earn Money Online Blogging by an Online Money Maker – Buyers Web“.

The two keywords i changed in the title are Make and Ramblings to Earn and Blogging.

It will be interesting to see how it effects the traffic levels especially with the search engines or readers. I figured the keyword “Make Money Online” has been way over used as a title so it will be good to have a title change to see how it goes. The keyword “Earn Money Online” is not used as much by other web owners in title so it should help in particular with search engines.

“Why not take a look at your own website homepage title… Is it a commonly used keyword or is it unique.? If it is already getting you good traffic then i would not recommend changing it, however if it is not getting traffic from the search engines then maybe a change would be good. Some search engine traffic from a keyword is always better than none. If you do decide to change your own title around a bit to see results make sure you keep it as related as much as possible to your audience…”

Let me know what you think about the new title name change…?

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