Make Money Online with Twitter and Tweets

Like any social tool, when it can funnel traffic back to your blog there is always a way to make money from it and the same goes with Twitter. Interestingly enough Twitter is one of the better social networks for driving traffic to your blog, you can send post updates from your blog instantly, you can Tweet about a promotion in under 140 characters and you can also create discussions about a product or service line.

Tweeting Product Offers can Make Money

Many people out there are also starting to make money online by using Twitter as a marketing tool as well. How this works is you offer a small Tweet about a good product (could be an affiliate program product offer as well) on your blog with price, then wait for a reaction and read about what other Tweeters say about it. Look to see if it is a positive response as it is only good to follow up, if the audience likes the product.

Check Over the Tweet Offer Response

Then later on when feedback on offer drops back, you ponder over the positive feedback from that tweet and then counter with a follow up offer which is always lower (half is always best) than the first tweet offer saying something like —

“Just letting everyone know you can purchase product for half the price now at”

“You know that product offer I tweeted before, I pulled some strings and now I can offer the product to everyone for half the price at”  

If Good Response, Drop the Price in Followup Tweet Offer..

Dropping the price is always rewarding in any online offer, so it helps if you have leeway or say on the given price of the product. Also if say the product is heavily marketed already the response may be almost next to none, it works best with products that are fully unique or not marketed any where else and if they are marketed elsewhere the discount price has to be a lot lower.

If using the method above try not to follow up too much, one to two follow ups is best, making each one different, otherwise you may lose Twitter subscribers. It is always best to think of your audience as much as possible first and read there initial responses. Other than that, enjoy.

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