Make Money Online with your Footer!

Is your blog or website footer bare…? I have been putting this off myself for too long.. And the footer is an excellent place to make money from your Blog… I learnt this technique a few years ago but for some reason it has been one of those things.. The interesting thing is most people do, let me tell you how to make money out of this space..

Do not forget the Footer… When Trying to Make Money Online!!

The footer at the bottom of the blog, is good place to pay your respects to related link swap blogs (10 related is good to swap with if possible), recent comments and community information.. But what other aspect may readers be looking for that we forget…? I will tell you..

Recommended  Section        |        Community or Readers        |        Related Link Swap Blogs

1)  Make Money Online with your Footer -Recommended Templates – Here you can list a few good affiliate programs providing quality templates.. Recommending up to three looks really good and this a prime targeted spot for readers looking for templates like your blog template… So this is another reason to purchase or use a quality template…

2) Make Money Online with your Footer – Recommended Web Hosting – Here is a good spot to recommend three good affiliate program web hosts. I do not know why the bottom is a good place to recommend these, i think it may be because in the old days many hosts used to provide hosting and ask users to link in there footer. Since then it is one of those conditions… Also what it could possibly be as well is they are looking for a good host that can run whatever blog script you are using and so seeing your blog working is a good indication it is compatible and therefore increases a sale..

3) Make Money Online with your Footer – Recommended (Related) Affiliate Programs – Here you could recommend your most related affiliate programs to your blog or you could recommend your big affiliate earners. This is another opportunity to make money online..

Well there you go, it is easy to forget this important real estate at the bottom of our blog, however by using it like described above you can see how it can be a great extra money earner..

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