Make Money with Referrals!

make money with referralsOne form of affiliate marketing that is really beneficial, but harder to sell is affiliate referral marketing.. Basically referral marketing is the referring of affiliate members to a program.. What makes this form of marketing very beneficial is that most of these programs the referral commission from the member you refer can be for life. So what does that fully mean, it means you get paid continually unless the member stops purchasing the service or product line or if they leave the program..

While that all sounds good and easy let me be honest.. Making money from referrals is not easy, however even with that said does it mean we should not do it..? Of course not, you just need to be more focused when referring people than compared with straight out commission programs.

Focus on your Dream when it comes to Referrals

What I find that works is focus more on the dream of what referral marketing can give you, this will keep you motivated while promoting these types of programs, then just keep at it.. My dream was always financial freedom, what ever it takes to be able to travel and quit my job, if you are the same use this as your drive I call it.. And then once you achieve that dream keep at it or focus on another dream.. I can tell you the reward is worth it by far..

Referral Marketing Tips

When referring affiliates think of it more like a product or service you are offering rather than the membership value.. If I was to sell to you the offer to be a part of a coffee company because of the benefit of referring would you join on that alone.. Most would answer no.. However if I raved on about how good the coffee is and I cannot wait to have another coffee, would you be more interested in the program…? Hmm, the answer should be yes..

Referral systems are much the same as this, always focus on the benefits that create emotion or thought.. Try not to focus on the membership.. Just by this alone you can increase conversion ten fold, trust me.. And if you do focus on the membership then focus on what made you emotional about it more than the concept of you must join..

I hope you enjoyed this post, In a future post I will write more about the many ways to get more Referrals to you Programs with the power of Blogs. Until then feel free to subscribe via email and share any of my posts to the social networks..

Some Stats to go By with Referral Marketing in General

  • ┬áRelated Programs are higher conversion
  • ┬áHosting affiliate services I can not recommend more for referral marketing – Two examples of good residual referral hosting programs are DomainIt and Resellers Panel
  • Active Referral Conversion to sign up is more like 1 in 300 clicks – What I mean by active is good sellers, out of that 300 you may get 5 to 6 sign ups but only one out of them will be a potential candidate for possible residual referral commissions..
  • Look for high demand unique programs that relate or create emotion in some way for yourself, that way it is easier to refer when you believe in it as well..


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