Making Money Online while Travelling in Chiang Mai

making money online while in chiang maiWell i am in Chiang Mai now and have settled in a hotel called New Mitrapap. I will be in Chiang Mai for at least a week so i was glad i was really impressed with the accommodation. Because i like the hotel so much i wanted to do a review on it.

The first element and most important to me was that the hotel had WI FI (wireless Internet) which isn’t uncommon in Thailand but for the price was exceptional. If you make money online or work online, Thailand is a easy country to get around.

Here is the details of the Hotel I stayed in called New Mitrapap, Located centrally to Chiang Mai –

The hotel offers discerning guests the utmost in comfort and low price… Pamper yourself in one of the 100 superbly equipped rooms.

  • Air-conditioning with individual control or Fan
  • 21-inch color television with 59 channels(A/C Only)
  • Hot-water
  • Refrigerator
  • In house Telephone
  • Shower – Bath
  • Unlimited Wi Fi
  • Free Breakfast of Toast, Coffee or Tea

Room Prices per night are as follows :new mitrapap chiang mai

  • 230 Baht Fan Room (7 dollars)
  • 330 Baht Twin or Double AC Room (11 dollars)
  • 450 Baht Suite large room (14.50 dollars)

Having Wireless Internet in the room means i can freely do a couple of hours of online work every morning, get all my online needed stuff done, putting orders through, answering emails and then have the afternoon free to relax.

Overall the New Mitrapap Hotel is one of the nicest places i have stayed in Thailand for value, take a look at the pictures of the rooms. If you are ever in Chaing Mai Thailand i recommend looking at it as an option…

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