Many Changes on Treasured Jewels Including Free Shipping

Recently I have been doing some work and changes on one of my Ecommerce websites – Treasured Jewels. If you have not visited them already the websites main focus is to provide high quality Jewelry at the cheapest price possible and deliver it worldwide.

changes on treasured jewels

(Above Image – How a Treasured Jewels Product Page looks now, after the first changes..)

In this post I thought I would go through my process with Treasured Jewels to help everyone understand a bit more about Ecommerce and if say you had to change Manufacturers as well.

The changes that I have done so far on Treasured Jewels are as follows –

1.) I removed the link directory within the website as it looked like it effected the websites PR slightly.

2.) I changed Manufacturers to one that I have been contacting back and forth for a few weeks now about their product line. The main reason I changed is the last manufacturer was a bit too slow on delivery and support. The new manufacturer is more responsive and all products are made direct so all savings can be passed onto the customers. Also the old manufacturer charged me a lot for postage of the Jewelry items, whereas with the new they have allowed me to charge no postage charges on regular post – “Free shipping”.

3.) Free Shipping

4.) New Header Banner. The old one was quite plain, this one is better but not perfect.. I better one may be coming soon..

5.) Removed all old product line and have so far added 21 products with a goal of around 50 to 70 jewelry products on the store. I have decided that even though the new manufacturer has thousands of products, I will focus only the most popular and highest quality items they produce. (Price and Quality)

treasured jewels jewelry green emerald pendantThese are the changes so far, more will be added on Treasured Jewels later, such as –

1.)  Template Modifications and Changes to look more like a Jewelry shop front.

2.)  A reassessment of content on the main pages of the website store..

3.) A Blog – I have learnt only recently that by adding this component can really enhance a users experience on a Ecommerce website as well as allows an avenue of content about new elements on the store.

4.) More products to be added. Like I said before I will only focus on quality Jewelry Items from there range as I believe by focusing on this aspect as a range it will benefit customers more.

Overall, as you can see this is a major change from the old website style, yet I am doing it in sections to make it more easier for work load. In a way it is like writing a goal and doing sections at a time. This is an important element with online time management and how to focus on the areas in steps. I use this technique of goal writing for about 50% of the work I do online.


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