Many Websites is Better than One

The debate of whether to run many websites or one has been thrown around a lot in many webmaster discussions. While there are many benefits of having only one website or blog if a problem or issue occurs then you are in trouble.. If you are unsure of what I mean be an issue or problem listen to what has happened to me in the past below..

Many Websites is Better than One – Three Reasons Why?

One – Search engine issues are always possible, whether you are a SEO guru or not, anything that relies on a robot for its work can stuff up occasionally, so if your main traffic is from that search engines then having many websites is always good just in case when this happens.. One time I was not included in Msn for ages because of a robots.txt issue that took over a year to fix.. Another is sometimes the search engines may miss read your website and index you wrong one time, all of these issues happen occasionally and has happened to me many times..

Two – Another is by having more than one website helps with learning other niches that work better. It can also help you make more money if one does better than the other..

“Running many websites is like the saying to not put all your eggs in one basket for making money online… The only full way to be safe online if your traffic relies on search engines is to run a few good websites..”

Three – Lastly the worst case scenario is for some reason if you website gets wrongly effected by the search engines in penalization which can happen.. This can effect many peoples lives and income if this does happen and may not be the web owners fault at all, they have just gotten into one of those search engines filters.. It can happen to anyone.. Having more than one website gives you the freedom of that good backup (for traffic and income) when or if this does ever happen and until you work out how to fix the issue..


  1. well nice share,but tell me one thing, is it good to concentrate on 1 blog/website , like if have skills in programming,carpentry,media… can i mix all together in one blog..? or i should go with 3 different blogs for each , plz suggest

    • Hey Buzz,
      I would recommend keeping niches separate for targeting perspective when trying to find the perfect niche, like you say above, the three as an example, you may find one works really well for you or two of them work well where as one just goes okay. That way you can learn what the best focus is as well as divide your target audience to each individual niche getting the most benefits.

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