Is Marketing on Article Websites a Waste of Time?

Well it looks like this is a new fad online now… Writing many good Articles relating to an affiliate program or your website and posting them on a myriad of top Article Sites. Below is some questions i have been asked about this form of marketing lately… Are Article directories another good way to make money…? Is this the lazy way of marketing…? Is there any flaws to this form of marketing…?

First of all there are a few flaws to Article Directories and i will explain them…. They duplicate your content when they share your Article with other directories, which means that yes you do get a burst of traffic to begin with, but then over time the traffic may dissipate to almost nothing when the search engine duplicate content spider checks for duplicates.

This doesn’t mean not to use them it just means that when you submit to Article Websites remember it is generally short lived the traffic burst. Another thing is don’t make your article boring or generic just because it is on an Article Website. Always write to the best of your abilities, don’t just see them as a back link boost or quick marketing source.

Are Article directories another good way to make money…?

I have heard many successful webmasters say it time and time again, Article submission is only one aspect of online marketing… They have there place but they are not a get rich quick method.. Put in the hard work on your blog or website and maybe do a article here and there but they are not the key to your online success… The best way to understand how to be successful online is to look at all the online successful bloggers or website owners.

Are they the Lazy way of marketing..?

I wouldn’t say Article marketing is the easy way or the lazy way of marketing at all… All these forms of marketing involve effort and any effort can cause results in any way. However overall i believe the key here is if they are used with balance, submit a few articles occasionally, don’t make them a priority and then Article Websites are another good way to drive traffic or more sales..

So in conclusion are they a waste of time..? No, i don’t think they are a waste of time, but what they can do for your online business is limited. More quality content pages on your website and providing some unique services or products i think is a more productive way to generate traffic… The more quality pages the more traffic the more traffic the more online success.. Good luck…!

A good example of a good Article website to submit some quality articles to is the Crikey Web Articles Directory…


  1. Article Marketer says

    It is clear that writing articles is a fabulous form of viral marketing. It is free, and the potential for traffic explosion is phenomenal.

  2. Alyssa Thompson says

    Article Marketing is actually one of the best ways to promote a website and sell some products online..*,

  3. Kai Collins says

    Article marketing is really great if you have the time and effort to make new articles each day..,*

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    Article Submissions is quite tiring sometimes because of the effort that you have to put in it.–:

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