Meaning of Blogging – What is the Blogging Meaning to You?

First of all the word blog has become very popular, which basically means web log… From that word many words have sprung forth… Blogger, Blogging, Blogged.. Here is a basic definition i have evaluated for all the meanings of Blogging… Some of which i have made up on the spot so let me know what you think…?

Meaning of Blogging?

Blog – Web Log

Blogging – Writing online in the form of using a Blog

Blogger – Blogger means writer of Blogs, a term also used for the google based company Blogger.

Funny Meanings of Blogging –

Blogged – Has wrote a blog post recently, blogged out is tired from Blogging…

Bloggy – A happy moment in blogging or writing “Bloggy”

Blog Over – A hangover or headache from reading or blogging to much… Ouch!

Blogerro – A cute Blogger

What is the Meaning of Blogging to You..? Comment Below –


  1. the last few terms! never realized those were their meanings. over..BLOGERRO..

    okay i’ll keep those terms in mind.. 🙂

  2. Timon Weller says

    Hey Blanne,
    Some of them i made up on the spot.. Maybe they will be standard words one day too lol… 🙂

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