Mediatext Has Shut Down – Kontera Better Option

I received a sad email the other day saying the program Mediatext had shut down. So it looks like the evaluation between Mediatext Vs Kontera i was doing is now over and Kontera has won this one. Hopefully not to many people lost too much money promoting this Affiliate program out there.

As you can see from the screenshot below of the email people who earned under $25 will not be paid there amounts owing.

Considering the program has not been going long a lot of people will be in this category who will not be paid.

Screenshot below of Email from Mediatext

mediatext has shut down

I noticed one overall issue I had while being part of the program and that was there tracking system, i sent them a large amount of referrals to them system however none showed up in there stats. I kept emailing them about this issue without any resolution. Looks like Mediatext is another example of a Affiliate Program with potential that gave up there potential success.

Yes it had a few issues that needed rounding off but overall it had the potential for success. Oh well that’s all part of the online business world, some fail, some succeed, some keep trying until eventually succeeding… Unfortunately some give up, even when they have full potential.

Welcome back to using Kontera…

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