Millionaire for a Day – Vietnam Money – Dong

millionaire for a dayA couple of days ago i arrived in the Vietnam City of Hanoi after what seemed like one of the longest bus rides. The 23 hour bumpy, windy, exciting bus ride from the city of Vientiane Laos. A funny line the locals would say about the trip is “Free Laos massage” because of how bumpy the road is…

“Welcome to the loud and exciting world of Vietnam…”

So back to my point, if you have ever wanted to be a millionaire for a day then your answer is at Vietnam. How Vietnamese money works is in thousands. The currency looks like this – 1000 dong, 2000 dong, 5000 dong, 10,000 dong, 20,000 dong, 50,000 dong and lastly 100,000 dong.

$1 USD Dollar equals 16,000 Dongmillionaire for a day vietnam dong


$130 Dollars equals 2 million Dong – Millionaire

Okay…okay so 2 million dong is not going to last long but its interesting to see a currency that millions is like our hundreds.

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