Misspelling or Mispellings?

While not as common as it used to be, misspelled words in content used to be a common practice of webmasters to attract more customers. Why did they deliberately misspell a word you might ask?

Mainly because this will give this misspelled word more weight in the natural search engines. If a person searches by accident for a misspelled word in the search engines and its on your web page that page is more likely to come up first.

Let me give you some examples of deliberate misspellings:

  • Arthritis and Athritis
  • Money and Mooney
  • Misspelling and Mispelling
  • rbay instead of ebay ( common misspelling because the r is next to the e)

I think you get the idea, this is an old black hat technique to generate more traffic. Is it a good technique to use? Well to me misspellings are not a good thing to see on a website or a blog. It can really discredit you as a writer or as a seller online. However if you are going to use misspelled words on some of your web pages to lure this keyword placement in the search engines, then i recommend doing it in alt tags only.

What is an alt tag? An alt tag is a tag that is attached to an image on a page. The search engines will still see it as content yet it is rarely seen by readers or customers.

An example of how an alt tag looks in html is :

<img src=”https://www.buyers-web.com/images/example.jpg” alt=”mispelling”>

Please note : Even though misspellings can help improve search results for that word, it’s not very useful if the misspelling isn’t related to the keyword for that page.

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