Monetizing your Blog or Website – Using more than one Income Source

You have your website or blog up and running but you are now thinking of how to monetize it to earn some extra income. Especially with blogs why not create an extra income while you write? Exactly what a lot of top bloggers out there are saying and i agree with “Don’t put all your eggs in the one basket”. What they mean by this is don’t just focus on one affiliate program or one source of income for your website.

Too many times i see people using only Google AdSense and while they are a good ppc program there are a lot of potential and high earning programs out there as well. What if the only program you are using bans you for some reason? The reason i am saying this is some not mentioned big programs (you might be able to work it out) can be tough on click fraud whether or not it is the publishers fault at all.

Focus on more than one option and you will always be fine..If as an example your blog or website is focused on dog care then you could look at dog product affiliate programs. The options are everywhere, try using about 4 or 5 affiliate programs related to blog or site. I’m not saying don’t use contextual adverting on your blog or website im just saying use more thaqn one avenue of income.

After a while you will notice which ones have the better ROI and will keep the ones that are working well. Personally i prefer programs where the advertising opens in a new window, therefore not losing your customer or reader. With affiliate programs you can change the url to contain the target=”_blank”> in the html to open in a new window.

<a href=”” target=”_blank”>

The best way to look at it is imagine your website or blog is like a shop, do you want window shoppers (browse and walk away) or do you want people that stay and look longer increasing the chance of an affiliate sale etc. Keep monetizing until it works best for you….good luck…

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