More Traffic from the MyBlogLog Network

more traffic from the mybloglog networkHave you heard of Yahoo’s Mybloglog? Mybloglog is a unique social media network based on the concept of connecting blog owners with other blog owners and readers.. What particularly makes Mybloglog different to the other similar networks is as a free member you can use them as a blog statistics program. When a member you can add a small bit of code to your blog and then your stats can be viewed on your profile.

“Not just a stats network though…”

So far I have only been a member with MyblogLog for a week and I am already seeing a few visitors a day from the network. As an overview you could say Mybloglog works by categorising it’s readers with the blog owners. Also the media network appears to be really good at attracting more email subscription members to your site…. Bonus for anyone wanting more subscribers.. Once you are a member you can add friends or become part of your interested communities. Blogs you like basically(related is best). When you are part of a community the blog posts are shared from the community blog profile.

How do you get traffic on Mybloglog?

The main way of getting traffic on Mybloglog is by being part of active communities and having members being part of your blog community as well as inviting friends which is called contacts. The best way of developing a community around your blog is by adding contacts and the ones interested will become part of your community.

Mybloglog Widgets

By adding Mybloglog Widgets to your blog readers can see when members or contacts have recently visited your blog. Also you can make it so your comments have the avatar used at Mybloglog when they comment. Making your blog look more lively and sociable to any new reader. Here is an example of some of the widgets.

Recent Community Visitors

This is gone due to MyblogLog closing down.

Top Five Link Clicks off your Blog Yesterday

This is gone due to MyblogLog closing down.

Why Mybloglog or any Social Media Network for My Blog?

As I have mentioned in previous posts Social Networks are a good way to connect you to other people which is fundamentally the biggest element in any website business. By being active and generating traffic from networks such as Mybloglogyou develop trust and a more real aspect to your blog. Think of them like vehicles of promotion, developing like minded friendships between other bloggers and readers. After all what is you blog without people reading it…?

Update – Sorry everyone but this network is now closed down. Yahoo gave up on the project.

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