Most Effective Spot for Affiliate Program Ads on a Blog

most effective spot for affiliate programs on your blogChoosing the right affiliate programs is the first aspect for monetizing… Now that you have joined your desired affiliate programs your probably wondering where is the best place to place them on your blog..?

First of all as a rule of thumb, when visitors (unless regular visitors) visit you blog you have less than 6 seconds to convince them they have found what they are looking for, during this time most of the time spent is near the header so this is your prime affiliate program real estate. Any affiliate ads near your header in any placement of your blog will earn you the most..

The 6 second affiliate marketing rule is an important tip to increase your earnings tenfold from blogging..!” —Timon Weller

You could just go for a sidebar placement similar to this blog, but there are other options as well, you could place a related affiliate program ad in your posts as well like in this post as another effective way.. Some people choose to add a affiliate banner to the right of the header as well which is very effective. What ever you decide, if in those 6 seconds the reader chooses to leave, but the affiliate ad catches there eye there is a chance that they could still click on it for a potential sale..

The 6 seconds rule applies to usually around 50% of all traffic so it is an effective boost to any website.. Thisย  tip, I learnt a few years ago pays off and works wonders, trust me.. enjoy...


  1. michael lim says

    You are right, the 6 second affiliate marketing rule is important to increase your earnings from Affiliate Programs. I also have a blog like you, Kindly visit and give me some good comments. Thanks

    To your success,

  2. Cary Richards, Marketing Mentor Institute says

    I think what you are saying about the 6 second rule is very true. You must have a compelling headline and some content that makes them want to stick around.

    The only thing I would ad is that unless you are capturing those visitors in some way, you are really missing the boat. One of the main reasons for your blog being in existence should be to develop a list of people who know you, like you, and trust you.

    This list will provide you income for years to come.

    consider using compelling and useful information to capture the visitors and then have them opt in to an auto responder and take them to a static page with all your offers on it.

    I love hearing about other peoples tactics and techniques. How do you capture your visitors?

    Cary Richards
    The Marketing Mentor Institute

  3. Yeah i agree there Cary, this blog of mine is still quite young, just over 6 months and only around 500 posts. I am currently developing a 7 day email course and a ebook to help many of my visitors which i will place below the header. At the moment most of my visitors are from search engines, free offers, my own activeness in the social networks and other bloggers posting about me..

    Search engines and other peoples blog posts would be about 70 % though so that is why I am developing an ebook as well..

    I agree with your comment, probably my biggest current source of capturing visitors is honest unique content and rss readership..

  4. Nice looking blog there Michael, thanks for the positive comments… ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Paulus Sturm says

    Hi Timon,
    I don’t see any google adsence ads. Why don’t you use, that so called holly grail of blog revenue?

  6. Hey Paulus,
    Thanks for your point of view, Adsense is a good regular earner, however it was always been my lowest earning out of all my affiliate programs when I did use them for the amount of clicks recieved..

    Other people’s opinions on this may differ, also i was banned from the program a year ago by someone clicking on my ads and getting me click fraud..I tried to discuss this with Google a couple of times but I only seem to get the same autoresponder..

    Also one last point, if you go to most of the top affiliate marketing websites out there hardly any of them use AdSense as they earn more from related affiliate programs.. This is more of what I promote on my blog as a way to make money from blogging.. I have always found ROI is much better from this.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Paulus Sturm says

    Yes, adsense has strict rules. Thank you for sharing your experience, it will be useful since i am starting blog.

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