Most Expensive Piece of Jewelry in the World!

most expensive jewelry in the worldWhen looking for expensive jewelry, you want to go for Diamonds. I recently found out the most expensive piece of diamond jewelry is rare blue diamonds. I would say it is the most expensive piece of jewelry in the world. Some pieces of blue diamond jewelry have even being marked up to the value of 15 million USD plus. When you think about that is almost out of 97% of the population of the worlds reach for affordability, so hopefully your girlfriend will not mind.

If your looking for a cheaper option then feel free to check the range of Jewelry at Treasured Jewels. All of the range is of high quality and price is low because of working directly with the manufacturer. So far I have only added 21 Jewelry items to the store, so when I have a bit more time I want to add more to the range of say a total of 50 to 70 quality items.  Most of the items are between $7 USD and $30 USD.

least expensive piece of jewelry in the world

Some examples of the Jewelry above from Treasured Jewels.


  1. jewelry discounted says

    Usually in the rule of color of diamonds the whiter the diamond is the more expensive it was. But for these colors of diamonds that are rarely to find, they are much expensive.

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