Motivation and Working Online

Motivation is the key to making anything successful, look at people in the work place, most are motivated by the money. Some are motivated by passion and thats where motivation kicks in.

When you are working online you are working for yourself and sometimes you are setting up an income so you have to look at it like an investment. With this persective the motivation is important.

The key is what motivates you, because in the end you will make money online if you focus and use self discipline in the these three areas.

  • Motivation
  • Time
  • Knowledge

Knowledge is an important one but without time and motivation you cant get your online business off the ground. Look at people who write books for example, they can take months to years per book and eventually they get there book published. These people are self motivated to write and in the end they have a book in the bookshops.

The important persective here is not to look short term, but to look long term with your online project. If its a big project take your time and get it done. Write plans everyday and stick to them. In the end the result is the reward.


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