Msn Rankings Out of Whack

I have been watching msn over the last few years and they are a good search engine. However i noticed that about a year and a half ago when they changed there algorithm my rankings and many good ranked sites left top rankings.. I thought there might of been an error in there indexing during that period but it never seemed to return.

After searching the net  i have read many webmasters  describing there ranking issue…I dont know what happened they used to be a great search engine to use for looking stuff up online…Hopefully they are are fixing there indexing up…

I have noticed on a few occasions Yahoo had isssues too but they seemed to be resolved a few months later.

After looking at my web vistors i noticed with msn alot of my inner pages are getting better ranking…Maybe there indexing gives higher preference to secondary pages.

Its a heads up always with the changes of all the search engines…Msn has totally confused me…lol…

Update – Managed to get it fixed, it was to do with robots.txt

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