My Goal – Over a Thousand Dollars in Sales in One Day Achieved!

over a thousand dollars in sales in one day achieved

(Healthy celebrating with a good serve of fruit salad, later on I think beers and drinks sound good)

Achieving your own goals through Internet Marketing is always the best feeling. It keeps you going and it drives us to make more goals. Recently one of my goals I achieved was receiving more than a thousand dollars in sales in one day from all my online websites.

If I can keep it up that’s possibly around $30,000 $40,000 a month in online sales..

(Mainly the sales are through this Blog and my Ecommerce websites.) The sales amount included both affiliate sales and ecommerce sales.. I am not usually the one to describe my own earnings online as I am not into boasting yet I thought this achievement was called for. I suppose the next goal to focus on would be $2000 dollars a day (or more) in sales..

Video Above – How Affiliate Marketing Works?

Another reason for me to celebrate is I now have over 550 posts here on Buyers Web all written by me alone.. The blog started late last year so achieving this one as well has been a triumph for me while running my other websites. I just had so many ways to share to make money online, I have been a bit like a writing robot with this blog.. For all those reading so far, thanks for the support..

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  1. Todd Doyle says


  2. That is awesome Timon, Congratulations!
    Its great to read when someone reaches a goal like that as it gives people the encouragement that they too can reach similar goals (if they put in the effort).
    I’ve just lost my job which is a bad bad thing, but it is also good because it means now I have more time to devote to my own websites and my own goals.
    Well done on reaching your goal !!

  3. Thanks for the comments.. That goal took me a long time, nearly got past that goal many times before however I just did not make it.. Now its onto the next goal I guess..

    As for losing your job Sean, I am sorry to hear about that, however like you said and I agree this is a great motivation for pushing yourself online.. Keep the online motivation going as well as keep learning from those doing it online and it will happen.. 🙂

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