MyBlogLog Traffic Secrets Revealed!

Do you use MyBlogLog..? I do have a technique to share with you that most do not know with MyBlogLog that can generate a massive amount of traffic. Whether it is a secret or not I will leave that up to you for commenting below.  However I have been using and testing this technique for a few weeks now and it has dramatically improved my traffic levels and visitors to my blog. If your interested in this as well, read on..

“First of all if you do not know what MyBlogLog is it is the largest blog social network online.. At least 90% of all serious bloggers have an account allowing them to share there posts and create a community around your niche.. The best aspect of MyBlogLog is they are all focused on getting you more traffic and helping your blog..”

How to generate good Traffic through Post Commenting using Mybloglog –

1 ) First of all Sign Up and Add Many Contacts – Once signed up and added your blog, spend a bit of time adding contacts, especially those that are related to your niche. If they are not it is okay, MyBlogLog filters posts results related to your blog anyway.

2 )  Use Friender – Friender is an application in MyBlogLog that allows all your friends in other social networks you are part of to be found and can be mass added to your MyBlogLog account as contacts. Remember to add as many of the social networks you are part of first before using this tool though.. You will still have to manually except them, but allows you to add up to 40 contacts at a time that you know from other networks..

3 )  Lastly, the MyBloglog Secret or Tip – Sorry I had to say secret again, it is more like a tip however I have never heard of any other blogs mentioning this technique so in a way it is a secret. Okay so down to it, in your MyBlogLog profile account there is a section called My World. Select this and what you will see is all blog posts related to your MyBlogLog tags from the last few hours down to the last few minutes.

“Basically the beauty of this is all the posts here are new and are related to your blog or blogs..”

mybloglog traffic secrets revealed

4 ) Lastly Submit good Comments to these Posts 5 to 10 times a day – What makes these posts important is they are all generally related to your niche, so getting first or second comment placement in these posts can help generate good extra traffic to your blog. As you can see by using this method, Mybloglog can be used like a commenting tool as well now.. After doing 5 to 10 good comments a day on related posts for a few weeks, check your stats and traffic levels. I think you will be happy.

I am constantly mentioning on my blog about the potential of related traffic, this is a another perfect example of how to get this in action..

Now let’s take a look at the Figures from using MyBlogLog

10 x 21 (three weeks) equals 210 comments on targeted related posts linking to your blog. Maybe some will not except your comment, but most will as long as they are good comments, so maybe out of that more like 160 comments on related posts. And guess what how long do these posts and comments last… Ummm forever…? Doing five to ten comments a day should not take to long as well, for me it usually takes me about 20 to 25 minutes a day.. Enjoy..!

To find out more about Mybloglog or to join my MyBlogLog Community for this Blog Click Here.


  1. Thanks for the tip. I am going to give it a try


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