Myths of a No Cost Online Business Plan Revealed

myths of a no cost online business plan revealedI was just reading a couple of other related blogs on money making online from other people. They were discussing the idea that “to make money you need to invest money”. Eg to make thousands you need to invest thousands.

This is not a fully true statement at all, many online bloggers and website owners such as myself spend very little on marketing at all… This statement is only true online if your website is small and wants an instant boost..

My overall expenditure for last year was mainly hosting, domain names and some ppc campaigns i did, that’s all. Over 90% of my income is derived by natural search engine traffic, mainly yahoo and google…

“There is one cost however….
Time… time… and more time…”

Time is the Online Business Plan Cost

Building a successful business online involves time and this is the major cost unless you spend a lot on marketing, this is true. I myself see ppc campaigns and the like as optional traffic pullers, not as a one way rule… So in conclusion to this myth you can build a big site, use good content, and spend some time on it and it will create money.. No money needs to be spent, however some is an option as you build it..

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