New Blogger from Philippines – Lyndsay Cabildo

new upcoming blogger from philippinesLately I have working closely helping a girl from Philippines set up her own personal blog. Her name is Lyndsay Cabildo. She is a writer focused on all fashion related topics.

So far i think her blog has around 25 to 30 posts but it has only been live for a few days now so i was quite impressed.

Her blog can be viewed at

So far the list of things I have helped her do from scratch to get her Blog going are…

  • Helped her purchase hosting at my Web Hosting Provider
  • Helped her pick and implement a template
  • Helped her choose her topic of interest to focus writing on but i think she is still fine tuning there
  • Helped her implement plugins on her wordpress website
  • Helped her with a couple of posts as a starter

blogger from philippines - lyndsay cabildo

So far her blog is moving quickly, she is already receiving around 70 page views a day and it has only been live 4 days. I checked her stats and i noticed she uses a lot of the social networks to drive her traffic. Another good reason to use the social networks hey.

Future Implementations on Lyndsay Cabildo’s Blog from Me

  • More plugin installations
  • Fixing the duplicate page issue with WordPress and Search Engines
  • Helping her with Affiliate use related to her blog to generate income
  • Money creating monetizing future advice and techniques

So far I am very impressed by her quick witted humour she uses in the writing of her posts, while also getting to the point on a subject as well. Why don’t you go check out her Blog now, leave her some comments and let me know what you think of her overall design and blog flow.

Why do I help People Start a Blog up for FREE..?

First of all I’m a really nice guy… Okay so this is how it works, when I help people make money online I too make money too. To begin with I hook them up to my Web Hosting provider who provides one of the best deals on the market. From that I make a profit in commission. Second I then help them find the right Affiliate Programs to use (that are related to there blog) on there blog which I make a second commission on referring them. It is a win win for me and for the new Blog writer.

If you are thinking of becoming part of the blogging world and need a helping start, feel free to contact me and let me know your thoughts. I could possibly help you out also like Lyndsay Cabildo.


  1. Whoa! What a post! Anyways, I just can’t help but to comment this post, plus true! Timon is helping me build up the blog, though of course, it is my blog, he was the man behind the curtain. Anything I need to know, I ask him straight away!

  2. Timon Weller says

    Thanks Lyndsay,
    Sounds just like wizard of OZ, the man behind the curtain.

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