New Firefox 3 set to Break World Record for most Downloaded

After the announcement of the new FireFox browser yesterday, millions of people from around the world have started downloading the new browser software. By Estimates in the first few hours already up to 3 million has been recorded. Over half a million from the US alone.

firefox 3 guiness world record

“Congratulations Firefox team”

The new FireFox browser seems to be in the clear for the highest downloaded software in 24 hours. Wow the people at the FireFox building must be in awe with the excitement over this product. The sheer amount within the 24 hour period now is 3,043,158, however with high amount of downloads FireFox is saying the tally could be behind. In the time it took me to write this short post (10 minutes), i saw over 50,000 downloads myself.

I just wanted to say well done to the FireFox team for your achievement as you obviously have the Guinness world record in the bag. Wow… imagine the bandwidth usage from downloads at there website at the moment (in the terra terra bytes). To see the number currently downloaded or to see the new benefits of Firefox browser click here.

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