News Flash – Alexa Is Using Msn Live Search

I don’t know how this happened but it happened while I was not looking, I went to check out some Alexa rankings for my blog today and noticed a surprising line above there search results… Powered by Microsoft Live Search.. I quickly looked around the Internet but could not find anything on it. Over the last few weeks i have been testing out there new ranking system, of late I was wondering why the results seemed unusual… “It was Powered by Microsoft Live Search”… Maybe it has only been happening for a few days or for a few weeks, that I am unsure. But no one seems to be discussing it yet. It made me question a few things…?

why is alexa using msn microsoft live search

Why would Alexa start using Msn Live Search?

Has there been a falling out with there old system or has a major glitch happened of late…? How come they chose to use Msn Live Search instead of Google…?And lastly why haven’t they mentioned the change on the Alexa website? Whatever the reason maybe it is not yet supposed to be known…

What do you think… Why would Alexa start using Msn Live Search?


  1. I noticed this too. I noticed that Alexa’s results were different than they usually were about a week ago….and today saw the “live search” message.

    Sort of annoying that there’s no mention of this anywhere like you said.

    Think I read somewhere that they were thinking of closing it down at the beginning of 2009 because Alexa couldn’t compete with the larger search engines.

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