Nice Free Program that Speeds Up your PC!

Recently my laptop started slowing down heaps, almost to the point where i was about to consider a complete reformat and clean install.. However considering i did not have all the drivers with me at the moment, as I am out of Australia ( in vietnam) I thought it could turn into a full day of hassles..

nice free program that speeds up your pc

 SpeedItUp Free Screenshot Above

I thought I would do a quick search to see if there was any program out there that could speed up my PC or something similar to help free up some of my RAM. At first all I found were programs that seemed okay but most were around $60 US and if I was not sure if it worked well at all it could end up being a pain. Then just before I was about to give up the search and contemplate a complete overhaul, I found a program which had plenty of good reviews And was completely FREE.. And I mean free, free as in completely free, not a try before you buy..

SpeedItUP Free – An Awesome program that speeds up your Computer..

So I decided to try the completely free program which is called SpeedItUp Free and the first thing I noticed it is one of the best programs I have tried for this. The process for optimizing my RAM with the program took a while however now that it has finished its scan, my Laptop is running over 3 times better and faster than before.

In a previous post I mentioned how I found a good free program that fixed any registry errors called Glarysoft Registry Repair and now I have found a good free program the helps speed up your Laptop by optimizing your RAM.. Bonus hey, and with both together they seem to be a good team.. If your PC or Laptop is starting to run a little sluggish, I would recommend checking out the program..

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