No More Automated Comments Please!

Your a Blogger right..? How many automated comments do you get? For some reason I still get some even past the Askimet Plugin. Although I will tell you until I used Askimet I used to get a lot more. If you are unsure of what an automated comment is, it looks like these below and comes from a software or online script where users submit the same comment to thousands of Blogs. I have added feedback to each to understand a Bloggers frustration, I would love to say back. (If for some reason you have written comments like this and I have considered it automated before, I am sorry..) –

“Awesome post, love it..” — That’s nice, so please add to the post to say why you love it..

“I definitely agree with you on this..?” — Agree how, please specify how you agree..? Or at least say I agree on which part of the post so I know you are a human..

“I just have to say is an awesome domain name..” — How does this relate to the post, I think you are automated spam..? I get this on my other blogs as well..

“Great post” — Thanks but please discuss your view on what is great please.

And lastly and often the worst is the adult links in the comment or even advertising my competitions products.. — All these are like what the, please do not test me..?

Message for all those Automated Comment Users!

I know this probably will not help but if you do submit to these automated programs, I definitely recommend stopping.. Most of the time for some I give the benefit of the doubt hoping the comment was just a badly written comment, whereas the second time I am sorry it is too easy for me to click delete in comment section in WordPress..

Not just the above reasons from me, many other blog owners will just block your IP straight away and so if you are interested in your online business at all being successful then I would recommend not.. Look at all the blogs and websites that do comment regular like me, spend time on each post and do it properly, it will create traffic in the end, it just needs time investment..

And lastly it really is not nice receiving a url comment from these services.. Think about the time some Blog owners put into writing good content like myself, please do not try to ruin there post with comments like these.


  1. Just after I had posted this, less than 5 minutes later I recieved 5 automated comments, three of which Askimet detected and two of which they did not.. Each one had like over twenty links in each comment, I just put these comments in the spam filter and blocked there IPs..

    How frustrating hey..?

  2. Hate those automated blog and spammers right?

    Me too received lots of automated comments… luckily there is Akismet.

  3. You’re right, It’s really frustrating. I often get this kind of comments, I guess it’s important to use at least one anti-spam filter, although I think Akismet is enough.

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